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Massage therapy is used to enhance wellness and in some instances can help manage health conditions.

Rutherglen Massage offer multiple types of massage sessions - Relaxation Massage,  Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stones, and 45 Minute Back and Neck Massage.

See below for pricing, session details, and benefits to determine which type of massage will best suit your needs.

Reduce stress 

Reduce anxiety

Deep body relaxation

Improves mood

Reduce muscle tension and tightness

Stimulate blood circulation

Improve immune system

Improve skin tone

Joint inflammation and swelling

Clear muscle waste

Help with muscle tone

Help with injury management

Improve sleep quality

Promotes healing

Feel energised, rejuvenated and calm

Experience emotional release

Increase in endorphins, serotonin and dopamine 

Reduce stress hormones

  • Full body relaxation with essential oils

    1 hr 10 min

    140 Australian dollars
  • Hot Stones Massage 90 minutes

    1 hr 30 min

    190 Australian dollars
  • Full body relaxation

    1 hr 10 min

    130 Australian dollars
  • Head, neck, shoulder, face and back relaxation massage

    45 min

    99 Australian dollars
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